27, January 2016: Different from other single-wheeled electric scooters, Julian’s Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle is out of the ordinary. To Julian, Airwheel F3 is rendered as light as air, with agility of a monowheel scooter. Airwheel has taken the concept of an electric monowheel scooter to a higher level, combining all the qualities of a personal electric vehicle and squeezing them into a sleek and discreet design, to give life to a new generation of Airwheel. Composite materials and a magnetic levitation motor make it even lighter and more comfortable.


Julian was firstly attracted by the Airwheel orbit electric unicycle F3’s unique designs, such as the magnetic levitation motor, lightweight body, silicone footrests, LED headlights and a retractable handle for transport and so on. No matter for his commuting or entertainment, Airwheel F3 makes his moving about has never been so exciting.

As we know, Airwheel X series and Q series are known for their practical handle for easy transportation. Airwheel F3 single-wheeled electric scooter, based on this, has been further improved with a retractable carrying handle that comes out of the body only when needed. What’s more, LED front and rear lights mounted on the Airwheel F3 ensure safe travelling at night or in poor visibility conditions, providing truly eye-catching good looks to complement an attractive design.


The Airwheel F3's wheel is an essential technical aspect for its proper operation, providing speed, handling and stability to the rider: the specially designed tire tread allows for maximum grip on the road. Unlike the X series and Q series models, the pedals on the Airwheel F3 one wheel scooter are fixed, thus further helping with balance on board, and are covered with a non-slip material on the upper side, so as to never lose contact between his feet and the vehicle.

Julian’s Airwheel F3 electric one wheel is his partner, his plaything and his tool. In his minds, the Airwheel F3 is out of the ordinary and makes him outstanding from the rest, as well.

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