Key Events In Menorca in the Upcoming Easter Period

03 Mar

Menorca is a fantastic holiday destination, and the Easter period is a particularly good time to visit due to the many exciting cultural events taking place at this time of year. Top villa rental company, Bartle Holidays, urges anyone who is thinking of booking a holiday in Menorca at Easter to start planning soon in order to enjoy all of the exciting events that will take place. 

Join in the celebrations 

The main Easter celebrations begin with Palm Sunday, which is known locally as Domingo de Ramos. The experts at Bartle Holidays highly recommend checking out some of the entertaining events that take place on this day. Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, which is known as Semana Santa, and services are held in the churches all over the island. People carry or wear palm crosses and olive branches, and the locals take them to the church to receive a blessing. 

Via Crucis is also held in different towns, and this is the first major procession of Easter. The biggest processions take place in the larger towns of Ciutadella and Maó. The participants wear long robes and religious carvings are carried through the streets. 

Good Friday, or Viernes Santo, is a very solemn day. More processions take place at midnight, known as the Santo Entierro or Holy Burial, and these occur all over the island. Again, the largest are in Ciutadella and Maó. Huge floats with carved figures are carried through the streets and participants dress in pointed hoods as spectators watch from the street. 

Then there is Easter Sunday itself. For tourists who are in Menorca at this special time, the experienced staff at Bartle Holidays recommends seeing one of the parades that take place in Ciutadella and Maó. Watch out for the Matances de Bujots in Ciutadella, where effigies of politicians and other people in the news are hung around the town and used by marksmen with rifles. 

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