Kids Need Own Room to Play says Experts, Loft Playroom Perfect Solution

28 Mar

Child development experts claim that kids need their own space just as much as teens and adults do. If nothing else, they do need an area to be creative, play and rest, and if there is a little loft that is rarely used or need converting, it could be made into a play space for a child, according to San Diego’s loft conversation specialist, Marc Gieselmann of HK Construction & Remodel.

“Besides, your child could help you decorate the space and make it his or her own, and because lofts are usually open, the child could have his or her privacy and still be under supervision,” said Marc.

“Kids need room to play. As they grow, so do their needs on the amount of space required to have fun. In modern Spanish style homes, such as those found in Carmel Valley, San Diego CA., There is rarely enough floor space for the tots to run rampant throughout the house. This causes feelings of being cramped or confined, both for the kids and for others in the household,” further explained the HK Construction spokesperson.

Notwithstanding many Spanish style homes in Carmel Valley and San Diego region have vaulted ceilings, the HK Construction spokesperson said these could be very ascetically pleasing, offering an air of space. However, the source also believes they offer another unique opportunity: space to construct a loft for your kid’s new playroom.

Picture the Following True Story Scenario:

“You come home from work or a long day of tiring activities. First thing, you do when you step inside your front door is kick toys out of the way so you can come in. Next, you round the corner into your kitchen, walking carefully around the play set that takes up most of your living room, and trip over a toy that sends you spiraling like Godzilla stomping Tokyo onto a board game (that was left out yet again). You are upset, the kids are screaming, and all you wanted to do was come in, enjoy a favorite beverage and settle down for a while. Now that is gone and you are left to contend with the children and clean up the aftermath. Sound familiar?” noted Marc.

“Next picture this: You’ve come home tired and maybe a little grumpy. But this time, you pass freely through your front door, into your spacious living room, walking right down the center unobstructed and into your kitchen. Cruise over to the fridge, grab your favorite drink and settle in for a calm and relaxing quiet evening.

Which scenario sounds better to you?” asked the HK Construction owner.

According to Marc, he’d go for the second, because that scenario can be the new reality with the simple and cost effective reclamation of lost space by adding a loft into a vaulted ceiling.

“This is a relatively quick and easy to construction project, and your family, privacy and lifestyle won’t be disrupted for too long,” said the source, whose specialty loft construction contractors will help clients realize once again the peace and quiet they once had.

Not only will a child love having a dedicated place to enjoy him or herself, but also according to the loft construction specialist, “you’ll not only enjoy reclaiming your living space, but you’ll also enjoy enhancing the usefulness of your home while increasing its value.”

HK Construction, which serves the areas surrounding Carmel Valley in San Diego such as Scripps Ranch, Carmel Mountain, Poway and Del Mar, has over 25 years working in Poway and building loft conversion all over San Diego County. According to the Marc no matter size or the job, HK Construction can handle it, big or small.

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