Kimesha Coleman, Shows Women Suffering with Low Self-Esteem How to Take Control

16 Aug

How to Turn Your Pain Into Your POWER!

Dallas, Texas- Speaker, author and transformational coach Kimesha Coleman has it all together today, but there was a time when that wasn’t the case.

Raised in a dysfunctional home and a victim of child abuse, Coleman attempted suicide at the age of sixteen. As an adult, she became a single mother of three, got laid off from her job, and lived in constant fear.

Every day, millions of women in the United States struggle with feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, doubt and fear. These negative feelings can create a vicious cycle of bad choices and negative outcomes such as unplanned pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. These self-destructive feelings hold women back from pursuing their goals and living a full-filling and confident life.

Coleman broke through those self-defeating feelings that plague so many women. She’s made it her mission to teach women how to rise above the pain and reclaim their power.

As a highly sought after keynote speaker, Coleman skillfully delivers powerful, inspiring and informative presentations that help women transform from victim to victor.

“Kimesha’s story was not only personal, but inspirational and gracious. She touches on the path to Recovery and the importance of learning to look inside oneself for love and approval.” -Michele Sharon, Concho Valley CSCD

Speaking Topics Include:

What Has Low Self-Esteem Cost Me?
-Self-esteem is the guidance system that is used in making every key decision in life... from who you date, to where you live, to what you eat. Discover the secrets to boosting self-esteem and living a confident life.

Healed People, Heal People
-More than 18 million mental health visits stem from domestic violence. Learn how to increase self-esteem, set boundaries and implement strategies for improving self-love.

Write Your Way to Goal Achievement
-Do you feel stuck in life? Are you having trouble keeping focused and staying on track. Discover a step-by-step goal setting strategy to help you gain clarity and achieve results.

Kimesha Coleman is the author of “He Loves Me Not: Buried Tears of Betrayed Love,” a transformational coach and creator of Be Victorious, a program for teens and women struggling with low self-esteem or victims of physical abuse.

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