Kindle Edition of a New Children’s Book Is Now Available on Amazon for FREE from 27 Jan to 29 Jan, 2015

29 Jan

29, January 2015: A 19-page book, with impressive illustrations, will take children to an imaginary world, full of joy and excitement. Authored by Michal Sasson and illustrated by Abira Das, the book “The Fudges – Who Hopped In My Swamp?” is now available on Amazon for free between 27th and 29th January, 2015. Anyone can download the Kindle version of the book from Amazon for free during this period.

After 29th January, 2015, the book will be available at a cost-effective price. And for purchasing the kindle edition of the book, one will also get a Creativity Kit for kids for absolutely free. The kit has been designed to engage children in creative exercises and help them unleash their creative forces, leaving behind the negative emotions like anger, hatred, rivalry etc.

Beautiful illustrations and the author’s humorous way of presentation will engage every child while tackling some common issues, like possessiveness, sibling rivalry, anger etc. in a prolific manner. The story not only entertains the children, but it also attempts to educate them on everyday issues that are very common in every family.

The story features a Shrek-like family, where three children live with their parents in a cheerful and happy environment. Their home, “The Fudges”, is located in a picturesque forest setup. The story tries to capture the emotions of the innocent monster children and how they could create a baffling and panicking situation for the parents. Finally, a sense of love and togetherness between the brother and the sister helps restore the peace and joy in the house, which is an essential ingredient for the healthy growth of the children.

Michal has conceptualized a simple story, although the idea is to leave a big impact on the minds of innocent children who often fail to understand the importance of love, peace and sharing etc. The story will help trigger positive emotions and will offer a pleasant experience for the children. Through this interesting storyline, children can learn about the legitimacy of their behavior and feelings. According to Michal, parents should enjoy reading the book with their children who often feel lonely and the story will help create a positive mindset in a rather natural manner.

“The Fudges – Who Hopped In My Swamp?” is a heartening story which will simply appeal to any child. Parents can now download it for free from Amazon by following the link

About Michal Sasson:


Michal Sasson was born in 1966 to a high school teacher and an engineer. In her books and writing, Michal brings her intelligent and witty spirit. Her writings bring back the child in us, and they are as good for adults as they are for children.