New York; October 25, 2013: Many people want to know the answer to their question every time they see a product they want to buy or think of buying. Not many websites can tell all the information that people need to know before making the decision to buy. is a all-inclusive website that provides up to date information about products, services and construction as well. It will tell you everything from how much would it cost to buy a pin to buying a plane. features all information about the product that people need to know like the cost, the availability, types of products and cost of shipping as well. Its main purpose is to help the average consumer to make an informed buying decision and save money with the available market prices. The website lists the price of many products and services which people use in their day to day lives. It tells people the process, the cost of materials, the labor costs, the price range as per the quality of work and how much does it cost to do it yourself as well.

The main visitors of website are people who want to compare prices before they make a purchase and make sure they know every aspect of the product maintenance as well. The website also shares information about education, costs of courses and the cost of books required to complete the course. In general the website is a source for anyone who wants to know the cost of things and be well informed before making a buying decision.

The website includes detailed information about; cars, travel and transportation costs, construction costs, repair costs and other costs that people have in their day to day lives. The site is regularly updated with latest information about costs as well as any new products that come in the market.

In today’s economic crisis, everybody wants to save a buck or two where ever possible. helps people do just that. It has dedicated pages on business, electronics, health, lifestyle and pets which cover almost everything under the sun.

However, no website will tell you the exact cost involved and the effort required. This is one small step to help consumers know everything they need to know before buying a product or a service to avoid any kind of surprises or last minute costs from the seller.

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