Leading Medical Clinics of the World® Now Accepting Clinic Votes from Doctors

12 Sep

Leading Medical Clinics of the World® (LMCW®) is now accepting online votes from Doctors and Medical Professionals for medical clinics to be reviewed, evaluated and added as a member to LMCW®

Toronto, ON — September 12, 2016
Leading Medical Clinics of the World® (LMCW®), an online search engine for medical providers worldwide, is now offering the medical community the ability to share their medical experience and vote for clinics to become members to LMCW®. To nominate a clinic, a doctor or medical professional can go to www.leadingmcw.com/vote and vote for clinics they would send their family and friends to.

Once the submission is received, the clinic and doctor(s) will undergo LMCW®’s rigorous screening process. This includes research of the clinic and doctor, a review of the doctor’s medical college, peer to peer recommendations, on-line reputation review, and a final review by our medical Key Opinion Leaders. Leading Medical Clinics of the World’s® goal is to make sure that only the best of the best clinics are members. Since they are striving for the top 10% of doctors in each specific medical category. LMCW® wants to ensure all doctors are at the top of their field and have proper training to ensure that patients can search for a clinic using LMCW® with confidence. All clinics must resubmit a membership application each year. Membership is based on merit and cannot be purchased.

The voting feature is now accessible online at www.leadingmcw.com/vote. Doctors and medical professionals can vote up to three times for a clinic that they would like to see on the Leading Medical Clinics of the World® directory. There are several different medical disciplines you can vote for including Vision Care, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and many more that are being added.

About Leading Medical Clinics of the World®

Leading Medical Clinics of the World®, with offices in Canada and the United States, is committed to making the search for a reputable doctor easier for the healthcare community. All member clinics and doctors have undergone an in-depth research and review process, ensuring they are the very best healthcare providers in their medical field. Leading Medical Clinics of the World® has begun developing an “A” list of members, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and optometrists, and are adding new members and categories every week.

For more information about Leading Medical Clinics of the World®, please visit www.leadingmcw.com.
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