Leading Personal Injury Solicitor-Advocate Launches New Website

10 Sep

10, September 2016: Highly respected solicitor-advocate Ronnie Conway, well-known throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK for his personal injury claims expertise, has launched a new site for the Conway Accident Law Practice — a firm dedicated to championing the rights of accident victims and fighting against the vested interests of the road traffic and personal injury claims industry.

The site not only provides information and insight from the expert legal team on compensation claims, personal injury law and the claims and insurance industry in Scotland; it also offers details on the firm’s innovative accident management service, the 1Stop System - designed to disrupt the insurance industry’s ‘dysfunctional merry-go-round’ and help car accident victims save time, money and hassle.

New Website for Expert Personal Injury Solicitor, Glasgow

As a Fellow and Scottish Co-ordinator of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), the leading not-for-profit organisation that fights for the rights of injured people, Ronnie believes in the free-sharing of information to assist injured people make the right choices after an accident.

The new Conway Accident Law Practice website is therefore populated with expert content aimed at busting the myths surrounding personal injury claims, so that hurt and injured people are better informed of their rights. For example, few victims are aware that:

*They will get 3 times more for their injury claim if they go through a lawyer rather than dealing with the insurers themselves;
*There’s a 50% chance that repairs done through an insurer’s ‘approved network’ of garages will be sub-standard; and,
*No-fault accident victims who claim on their insurance for repairs or a hire car have to pay their excess and will have their no claims discount and future premiums affected until, or unless, their insurer recovers in full from the at-fault driver.

As well as providing information for road traffic accident victims (including a comprehensive guide for drivers), the team also offers specialist advice in respect of wrongful death and fatal accidents, accidents at work and occupational disease claims. It also offers an overview of how to make a personal injury claim in Scotland, emphasising that it’s not what happened to you, it’s what you can prove.

Innovative Accident Management Services from Car Accident Injury Lawyers Glasgow

Conway Accident Law’s 1Stop System, an innovation in accident management that provides accident victims with a one point of contact for everything related to their accident or personal injury claim, is also showcased on the site.

Amongst other things, the 1Stop System means a like-for-like courtesy hire car, car repairs to the highest standard, no payment of excess and full damages for your injuries and any other losses — all of this, usually for nothing because the firm recovers its fees and outlays from the at-fault insurers.

Conway Accident Law Practice — fighting for accident victims

Drawing on over 27 years’ experience of helping thousands of clients get the compensation they deserve, Ronnie Conway and his specialist legal team are committed to helping accident victims make informed choices and get justice from the legal system. The new Conway Accident Law Practice site demonstrates this dedication, providing clear, practical and eye-opening advice on what’s involved and the things to watch out for when making an accident or injury claim.

For more information, please visit the expert team’s new site here or get in touch for a no-obligation chat here.

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