Leading web hosting firm Gossimer to offer .net domains with 6 months free web hosting

10 Aug

 Melbourne FL, – one of the world leading webhosting firms Gossimer has announced a new promotion for new .net domains. The firm through its spokesman reveled plans of offering a whole 6 months of free web hosting for all .net domains registered during the promo. For a company that has defined all the strands of modern web hosting, there is no doubt the latest news will come as a huge relief particularly for small businesses looking for affordable and effective hosting services.
Lead web hosting company Gossimer has always been an industry mover – aside from offering a diverse range of Linux and windows web hosting services for business at affordable rates, the company has built a reputation of offering mind blowing offers and yes, Gossimer has done it again. The high flying hosting giant has indeed announced plans to offer six months of modern and effective web hosting for any .net domains that will be registered during the promotion. According to a source from the firm, the promotion is already in plan and potential customers are welcomed to view the offers on the company’s website.
 The recent move by Gossimer goes a long way in increasing the level of competitiveness that the company has already earned and in fact, many sector analyst and independent observers have seen this as a very ingenious move that will not only allow millions access to one of the best hosting services in the world but also a move that certainly will jam start the hosting market for the better. The promotion which kicked off in August 1st this year is expected to run until December – the company has confirmed. Small businesses and online business entities have been welcomed to enjoy one of the best business webhosting services all this at a free rate for six months. The reputation that Gossimer has managed to build in the market is immense. The economy web hosting firm has been offering affordable and tailor made services in business promotion through modern ideas in web hosting.
 With a free offer to work with the hosting giant for six months, it would seem very reasonable that the .net domain demand will be very high. According to Gossimer, the promotion was aimed at providing a reasonable incentive for more and more establishments to view the amount of expertise the company can offer and utilize towards online business success. Aside from the .net domains, Gossimer has devised a whole lot of web hosting services in line with some of the best ideas in the market currently. For more details on domain registration and other web hosting service offered by the company, feel free to visit the company’s website today.
 About Gossimer: Gossimer is a reputable web hosting firm that has been offering cheap, secure and fast web hosting business solution for a diversity of businesses. The company is ranked high in the web hosting world and its lead role is attributed to affordable and modern web hosting services driven by results.

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