Lease vs. Buying a Car in Los Angeles: Why Leasing is a Wiser Option

06 Mar

For most of the population, investing in a car will be one of the biggest purchases they ever make. So saving money on this investment is paramount. With finances in mind, is leasing a car the better way to go? This is the eternal dilemma faced by automotive consumers: leasing vs. purchasing a car. While in days past, it was generally regarded as wiser to invest one’s finances in buying cars, in today’s scenario of rocketing prices, leasing a car has emerged as a better deal. Christian Gold, a spokesman for the reputable auto brokerage sheds some light on reasons why leasing a car is a more viable option in today’s marketplace.

1) Very Low Maintenance 

Having your own car is like being a parent; you need to maintain it well in every way for as long as it is yours. Leasing a car, on the other hand, is more like babysitting- simply caring for a dependent for a limited time. There isn’t half as much maintenance and investment involved. “When you lease a car, you have to refill the oil, buy new tires, replace windshield wipers and other maintenance which is quite routine and which you’d have to do on any car you purchase. But, when a car is taken on lease from, expensive repairs that could create a deep hole in the pockets, such as an unforeseen transmission breakdown will never pose a problem. This can save customers a lot of time and money,” states Gold. 

2) Leasing a Car Can=Tax Deduction 

Business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from leasing a car by writing off the vehicle as an expense of the company. “I have met many business men and women who have taken advantage of our leasing specials at New Car Superstore to save on tax money. It does not matter if the vehicle use is full or part-time as the expenses incurred due to its operation can be posed as a tax write-off which significantly reduces one’s taxable income,” says Gold. 

3) Leasing Lets People Drive a New Luxury Car at a Fraction of the Price of Buying 

Los Angeles is all about style and glamor and the people residing there love to be seen in swanky luxury automobiles. This can however prove to be an extremely pricey proposition as car models keep going in and out of fashion and the cost of their maintenance increases over time. “If a customer was to lease a new Audi, BMW, Lexus or Mercedes, when the lease is up, they can conveniently turn it in and opt for a new car. Additionally, since a lease payment is more often than not, less than a conventional car payment, one gets the car at a very value-for-money cost,” says Gold. 

As per, 75 percent of all luxury cars including Audi, Lexus, BMW and Mercedes are leased and the main reason for this is the reluctance of most banks to lend more than a specific amount for the purchase of a vehicle; the borrower or the car’s value notwithstanding. Those who love the thrill of driving new cars ought to have a look at the leasing specials at New Car Superstore for the best prices. 

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