If you have ever had a pest problem in your house, you know what it feels like to have the sanctity and privacy of your home violated. Whether the pest is something small like a cockroach, or invasive like a colony of rats, you know how uncomfortable it feels to have unwanted visitors in your home. As well, a lot of people are under the mistaken impression that if they have pests in their home, they have done something wrong or they must live in a bad area. This is simply not the case. Pests, even those as nasty as rats and mice, are in the circle of life and they will find a place to live and stay warm whether the neighborhood is upscale or not. If you have ever had a pest problem in your home, it is not your fault. But you can make sure you never have pest problems again when you call Wheeler’s, the orange county pest control services that will make sure your problem is gone before it even starts.

When things start to get warm and the seasons begin to change, this is when pest breeding season begins. The spring season is mating season for the animal kingdom, and you may find that pests are even worse in the late spring and early summer months. The spring months then are the best time to call in Orange County pest control, to do an estimate of your property and see if your home is a potential pest hazard. This is even more important if you have had an invasive problem in the past such as with rats or mice. By calling in orange County pest control services, you can make sure that your home is checked and prepared to ensure you don’t run into this unwanted problem again.

A lot of people think that you need to live in the projects or in rougher areas to become victim to a rat or rodent problem. This is simply not the case. It doesn’t matter what your home is valued in, if there are areas of entry points that a rat or mouse can fit into, your home can be easily invaded. The average rat or mouse does not need a space more than a couple of inches wide to squeeze their way into your home. Your home may be too big to know where every nook or cranny is that a rodent can find, but Orange County pest control can know where to look to ensure your home is secure from rodents trying to get in from the outside. These animals do not need any more than a small space, and will not discriminate by neighborhood when they need a warm place to stay and food to live off of.

If you have had a pest problem in the past, or are worried about what pests the new spring and summer will bring, call the Orange County pest control experts at Wheeler’s for a free estimate to proof your home from pests before they become a problem. In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.