Longfield Gardens Provides More for Less

16 Aug

Lakewood, New Jersey, August 7, 2012: Longfield Gardens is pleased to provide their customers with the highest-quality garden bulbs for the lowest possible prices. Their focus is to ensure their customers receive bulbs that will produce the best possible flowers without increasing the costs of those bulbs. Many garden nurseries add on to the price of the bulbs and then offer sales to draw in customers. However, if those customers don’t act quickly, they can end up paying the higher price. At Longfield Gardens, customers will always pay the same price, no matter when they order.

Because of the low prices offered by Longfield Gardens, gardeners will be able to purchase a greater variety of bulbs without spending a lot of money like they would from other garden nurseries. In addition, Longfield Gardens provides customers with free shipping on orders greater than $50, as well as free shipping on seasonal feature products. Shipping for all orders under $50 is a flat rate, allowing customers to buy more without paying more for shipping.

Longfield Gardens does more than just help gardeners purchase more quality bulbs for less; they also provide helpful tips and information to help those gardeners get the best blooms from those bulbs. This will ensure gardeners will experience the biggest, brightest blooms possible for a garden they can truly be proud of.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the various bulbs they can order for a low price and low shipping rates can visit the Longfield Gardens website or call 1-855-534-2733 for more information.

About Longfield Gardens: Longfield Gardens proudly provides their customers with only the highest-quality bulbs to produce beautiful flowers in their gardens. The design team at Longfield Gardens will help every garden find just what they need, and the expert gardeners will provide information on how to best grow the bulbs for better results. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing their customers with everything they need to produce the perfect garden to meet their expectations.

Company: Longfield Gardens
Address: 1245 Airport Rd.
City: Lakewood
State: NJ
Zip code: 08701
Telephone number: 1-855-534-2733
Email address: [email protected]