Maggots Infestation in Trash Cans, College Student Solves Problem

17 Aug

Maxion Labs Founder Discovers Innovative Solution to Garbage Can Breeding of Maggots and Flies

Cleveland, OH, August 09, 2012 –  Fly Erase is the innovation developed by Dan O’Connor, a recent Bowling Green State University graduate looking for employment in an extremely tight job market who knew he needed to rely on his entrepreneurial spirit to gain a foothold in this economy.

O’Connor uncovered direction for his energies in his parents’ trash cans, while taking his parents’ garbage to the curb on hot summer nights over many years. Through personal research and effort, O’Connor came up with a new solution for maggot and fly infestation. “Sometimes big ideas are based upon simple variations of current technologies, and Fly Erase was that big idea,” said O’Connor. “Fly Erase is the only product on the market specifically designed prevent the fly – maggot infestation cycle in garbage cans.” Dan’s new company, Maxion Labs, markets Fly Erase.

Although the smell associated with flies and maggots in garbage cans is a real issue, more serious aspects of these infestations include that fly populations increase rapidly during warmer seasons. “A family’s exposure to disease and bacteria is more than a nuisance,” added O’Connor. “Diseases can spread faster if proper hygiene is not observed; flies carry bacteria in their feet and mouths that cause mastitis.” Flies and maggots are associated with diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, anthrax, leprosy, cholera, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, dysentery and diarrhea in human beings.

Fly Erase provides protection against fly and maggot infestation for up to four months per trash can. For only $6.95, Fly Erase offers families a real sense of health security. For more information visit

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