Magnesium Oil Spray by Purest Vantage has Benefits for the Brain

07 Jan

Orlando, FL — Jan. 7, 2016 — Magnesium is essential for the brain, enabling its cells to make critical synapses for cognitive function, memory, and learning new tasks. The mineral aids the brain in dealing with anxiety, stress and depression, but more than 75 percent of American adults have a magnesium deficit that can be alleviated with an elemental Magnesium Oil Spray.

“When those critical connections can’t be made, brain function is impaired in multiple areas,” said Angela Kennedy, founder of Purest Vantage. “Many in the field of medicine and research believe that’s what causes the memory decline seen in the elderly.”

Responsible for more than 300 biochemical processes, magnesium helps regulate blood glucose levels, maintain heart rhythm, keeps the immune system healthy, and enables signals to the nerves to be read and activated. The body uses what it needs of magnesium intake and quickly evacuates the rest through sweating, the intestinal tract and kidneys and must be replenished regularly.

Stress is one of the greatest modern health threats facing modern man. High levels of extended stress without sufficient magnesium impairs the brains ability to reduce the flood of chemicals the body releases to calm the stress response. Without sufficient levels of magnesium, stress can result in headaches, memory impairment, reduction in cognitive abilities and depression.

The high-stress that accompanies an adult’s prime earning years depletes magnesium, but the mineral is equally important for the elderly. It allows neuro receptors and transmitters to function properly enabling the mind to stay sharp. A magnesium deficiency typically doesn’t demonstrate any overt symptoms in the early stages and diagnostics only measure levels at the time of the test.

Magnesium is particularly critical for the elderly and those with chronic diseases who may be taking multiple medications. Many over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals diminish magnesium levels. An array of common foods and beverages also contribute to leaching magnesium from the body including carbonated drinks and alcohol.

The elemental magnesium oil spray by Purest Vantage helps refuel the body’s requirement for magnesium to maintain brain health. The supplement is applied to the skin and contains 3,575 mg. of magnesium per ounce. The company’s formula is specially designed to reduce itching that can sometimes appear with topical applications. It’s a convenient way to improve magnesium levels for a healthy brain.

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