28th April, 2010. Intelligent Training Academy is a young company that promotes education and training in London. The company is dedicated to develop each and every student to the best of its skills. Intelligent training academy offers UK citizenship test training, ESOL Citizenship course skills for life test that help students to pass their British Nationality test to gain indefinite leave to stay in the UK, Naturalization or British Nationality. Intelligent training academy will train you to learn basic Spoken English with Skills for Life. Intelligent training academy trains its students to learn the basics of spoken English and prepare them to appear in their speaking and listening tests.

The English courses offered by the academy are interesting. These courses teach a student from the very beginning so that the basics are grabbed by them completely to help them speak and understand English in a better way. These courses have offered a great help to all those students who are aspiring to stay, work or study in UK.

It has become very necessary to learn English in today's world. It is among the most frequently used languages all across the world. It is understood and spoken in almost every country so the English courses of intelligent training academy are helping students to speak and understand English properly.

Recently, the company has launched its new beauty and make up courses. In its beauty and makeup course one can learn the entire course to set up his own beauty parlor or can choose any one out of them. The beauty and make up course include threading, waxing and facial treatment course with duration of one day. These courses are very helpful for those looking for jobs or business to make money during their stay in UK. The courses are available in both beginner and advanced levels.

Other courses include professional Makeup artist diploma which is a 4 day course and bridal hair and semi permanent eyelash extension course. Make up and beauty parlors are very popular in UK and one can easily make their career in this field after learning these courses from intelligent training academy. The courses are designed in a way that it helps the learner to grasp the technique easily and apply it on other quickly.

These are great value for money courses. The trainees are also taught how to take care of their client's hygiene and beauty while putting their make up on. Other courses that are offered by the academy include massage courses and mehndi courses.

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