When it comes to commercial refrigerator manufactures, there would hardly any more experienced firms in Miami than Marc Refrigeration. Whether it may be glass display cases, deli cases, reach in coolers along with other refrigeration equipment, Marc Refrigeration has been manufacturing them with exceptional customer service and quality for the past 40 years. Now that is a record, many other commercial refrigerator manufacturers would like emulate.

One needs to look at Marc Refrigeration catalog or look through the website www.marcrefrigeration.com to realize the astonishing refrigeration and freezing options available for a small convenient store and for large hypermarkets. The entire spectrum of customers with different needs and requirements is being successfully catered by Marc well conceived and hi-quality products.

When it comes to glass display cases there are various models and series available. All have been smartly distinguished and produced in order to cater to specific demands. The CG series stands for curved glass display and has options of remote and self-contained cases which provide full vision of the display. In this series there is an altogether different forced air coil strictly for the curved glass section. Other series available are HS and DCR. The height and depth of CG and HS series is standard 55" and 34" respectively. However, the length can vary as per requirement.

If you are planning to set up any cooking establishment then commercial refrigeration equipment is required. They are of diverse shapes and sizes and you can select the one according to your refrigeration requirements. There are different equipments for different businesses. If you are thinking to open a bakery store then you may require some commercial refrigeration units such as bakery display cases and food display cases.

Bakery displays and food display cases are mainly used in bakery so that the customer can see through them without opening their doors. Bakery displays cases and food display cases are kept in front so that customer can choose what food or item he actually wants. Bottled water and cans can also be kept in food display cases and bakery displays.

Wide varieties of options are available high deli cases along with self contained meat and deli cases and remote meat and deli cases. Two series of reach in coolers are also available in form of GDM and GDM S/C series. One can choose the size as per space of installation. Whichever reach in cooler one opts for, one is guaranteed to get energy efficient, self closing coolers with reversible swing doors along with heated door frames.

All refrigeration equipment manufactured at Marc Refrigeration come with standard features which have become a hallmark of the company engineering prowess. Equipments are available with mirror finish along with stainless steel front which makes gives a clean look.

It would be entirely correct to say that Marc Refrigeration has successfully mastered the art of good and efficient refrigeration. And from the look of things, it is going to remain like this for long time to come.

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