(Mass Media Release) You see them everywhere – newspapers, magazines , even TV and radio stations have them. They are press releases and they serve a multitude of functions, from announcing a worldwide business merger to informing local populations about an upcoming fundraiser.

Mass Media Release is an online press release distribution service. The press release can highlight a business, non-profit organization, product, service or event.

The cost of a press release submission is $19.99 and includes a link to the customerâ€â„¢s website. Upon approval, the press release will immediately be published on massmediarelease.com and 12 partner sites. It will remain online unless the owner specifically requests its removal. The press release appears on sites with high visibility and is immediately available for indexing by search engines. It is also available for websites utilizing RSS feeds.

A press release serves a number of purposes, but its primary function is to inform. It provides exposure, publicity, and can help build a specific brand. It can drive traffic to websites, and customers to brick and mortar stores. It can be targeted to specific portions of the population, and play a key part in any marketing campaign.

To drive business to your website, itâ€â„¢s vital that you gain exposure in as many locations as possible and Mass Media Release accomplishes that by submitting your press releases to outlets worldwide. Press releases provide an inexpensive and cost effective way to deliver your message to millions of potential customers.

Press releases tell the story of your business, product or service. Theyâ€â„¢re a compilation of facts designed to inform. A press release can be utilized to announce a special event, a product launch, workshop or fundraising event. They can be targeted to specific segments of the population and used to drive traffic to your website. Press releases vary in length, depending upon the subject matter. They convey your message in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner.

Website: http://www.massmediarelease.com