Kala Group, LLC based out of Scottsdale, Arizona is happy to announce the creation of Massage Elite, a new concept in massage and day spa franchising. Massage Elite is offering franchises to established day spas, independent massage therapists, and those opening a new day spa or massage practice.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 03, 2010 -- Kala Group, LLC, whose mission is to "Help Massage and Spa Professionals Help Others" is now offering a new team approach to quality massage therapy and day spa services, called Massage Elite. Massage Elite is a franchise without the traditional franchise restrictions and is focused on helping the highest quality massage therapists, day spas, and other independent massage practices compete with the national chain clinics by giving clients a quality alternative at a fair price.

Unlike the "massage clinic" model, Massage Elite will focus on uniqueness and quality instead of conformity, the lowest price, and volume. Additionally, Massage Elite will include a range of different types of franchisees including everything from full service day spas offering dozens of treatments and amenities, to independent therapists offering in home or out call massage therapy services.

All Massage Elite franchisees are linked, not by their conformity to an established model as in the case of traditional franchises, but rather by the quality of massage therapy they provide. Each franchise will have to meet rigid experience standards for massage therapists and must have therapists qualified to provide the highest level medical massage therapy, in addition to relaxation and general therapeutic massage therapy.

With a franchise fee of only $995 and a program that encourages independence, quality, and a strong business plan based on value to the consumer, instead of conformity, low price, and volume massages; Massage Elite plans to rapidly fill the nationwide demand for medical level massage therapy and quality day spa services.

Steve Ibach, President of Kala Group and Massage Elite, is himself a medical massage therapist in addition to a successful entrepreneur. "I believe that consumers understand the difference between the low end, entry level massage therapy provided by our competitors and the quality massages and other services they find with independent day spas and with private practice massage therapists", says Steve. "Unfortunately smaller massage practices and day spas are suffering, not because of a lack of quality, but because of a lack of marketing power and organization. Similar to the small store that provided great service 30 years ago before the “ËœWalmart’s’ of the world came to power, independent day spas and massage therapists are getting hurt because consumers are lured to the chain clinics with their massive advertising budgets, expensive web sites and software, etc. Independents, while they almost always provide better service and a much better experience overall, are closing due to the organized competition of the chains. This in turn forces more consumers to the clinics and the cycle continues."

"Massage Elite will change this unfortunate situation by providing consumers with a choice. Our locations will all offer high quality massage therapy with elite massage therapists, while our combined marketing, optional membership, and online appointment booking software will enable our elite locations to grow while providing clients the quality service they demand and deserve."

Massage Elite is now seeking top quality day spas and independent massage therapists to join our team. For more information visit our Massage Elite web site: http://www.massageelite.com.

About Kala Group:
Kala Group, LLC, (http://www.kalagroupllc.com) based in Scottsdale, Arizona is dedicated to advancing quality massage therapy and day spa services by helping massage and day spa professionals help others. Kala Group is the owner of the Hawaiian Experience Spa (http://www.hawaiianexperiencespa.com) and the Massage Elite brands and is publisher of the online news source, The Massage Advancer.

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Kala Group, LLC
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