Matcha Recipes Widely Popular on News Sites and Magazines

28 Jan

Survey Reveals Matcha Recipes Become Increasingly More Popular

Matcha tea has been popular in eastern Asia for almost a millennium. It is only recently that the finely ground green tea powder made its appearance in western countries where surveys reveal that it has become a hit with tea connoisseurs and health conscious people alike.

Matcha is usually drunk with hot water, but, like recent news reveal, there is a rising interest in using Matcha as a food ingredient as well.

According to Huffington Post’s article on “Other Ways To Use Tea”, Matcha tastes perfectly fine in Matcha Tea Mousse Pies. These pies have a fine biscuit layer on the bottom, a layer of strawberry jelly on top of the biscuit and finally a dome-shaped layer of Matcha flavored mousse on top. In the same article, Huffington Post recommends Matcha to be drunk in the form of a Mint Matcha Chocolate Chip Shake.

In amNewYork’s article “Matcha in NYC: 9 creative concoctions” Matcha tea is used to flavor cocktails, yoghurt, jellies, lattes and even doughnut glaze.

According to worldteaNews, Matcha is a perfect ingredient for a delicious banana smoothie. The Cosmopolitan makes its own suggestions in their article “11 Deliciously Addictive Matcha Green Tea Recipes”. In this article Matcha is use in cupcake frosting, slushies, cake and even sprinkles, among other suggestions.

Chefs all over the world are experimenting with Matcha to create new recipes or newer version of old recipes. The green tea powder has already been used to flavor pasta, soups and even as a herb on meat.
Originally Matcha is whisked into boiling water and then drunk plain. It has also been used to flavor Mochi in Japan and other confectionaries as well.

A recent survey shows that Matcha is preferred by 76% of the public as a coloring agent, when compared to artificial green coloring, since it is 100% natural and gives food a bright green color.

What all the articles and surveys on Matcha recipes agree on is that this product adds an interesting flavor to food and sweets. Matcha consumption has risen in the west in the last few years and experts expect the numbers of sales to rise even further. Articles have described Matcha as the “new green tea”, predicting that this healthy beverage will become mainstream in western countries in the next few years.
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