Medford, OR; November 13, 2013: is now providing renters with options to buy a house in Medford, OR despite less than ideal credit or if they filed for bankruptcy in the past. Regardless of factors which may be holding them back, it is still possible to either rent an apartment or buy a home. There is one simple form on the website to be prequalified.

Prequalification comes at no cost and takes 10 minutes or less to complete. Approved applicants can start searching for homes right away and can buy with zero down. Purchasing a home is therefore more affordable as one does not have to have as much cash up front as used to be the case. Also, they do not have to have perfect credit.

Those who have previously been in foreclosure or were in bankruptcy have an excellent chance at get approved, as long as these actions are three years old or older. People who’ve always wanted to own instead of rent, but never thought they could, now have a chance to do so.

There is a lot of money spent initially on renting an apartment or house. These funds can be used to cover the expenses of buying a home. In addition, renters can expect their rent to increase every year. With mortgage loans, the monthly principal and interest remain the same.

A rental payment is simply used by the landlord to pay off the mortgage. For a home buyer, the payment goes directly to their bank, pays down the loan balance, and this in turn builds equity. People seeking houses for rent in Medford can now consider another option — buying a home. It’s not as expensive as most people think.

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About Medford for Rent:

Medford for Rent provides resources for those who rent a home to purchase one. Simple prequalification does not require a credit check while foreclosure or bankruptcies do not disqualify an applicant. The company helps renters understand that the things holding them back do not prevent them from buying a house.