Medical Express Clinic Offering Meningitis B Vaccination Bexsero at Pocket-Friendly Price

16 Aug

Marylebone, London; 16, August 2016: The premier healthcare system in the UK, NHS is dispensing vaccine for meningitis B, called Bexsero free for babies born after 1 May 2015. Parents whose children are too old to qualify can still get the vaccine pushed privately for a fee. However, in a latest development, the vaccine supplier GlaxoSmithKline has already warned that supplies of Bexsero are running low and the stocks are fast thinning.

The NHS vaccine program was commenced in last September as a part of the healthcare system’s childhood immunization drive. The entire dose includes a jab each at two, four and twelve-month age. Because of the shortage of stock owed due to irregular supplies, more than 800,000 folks have already signed a petition for government intervention into the matter.

Meningitis B is a bacterial infection that affects mostly toddlers those are under one year. The symptoms include high fever, cold hands and feet, convulsion and vomiting, etc. About 1,200 cases that are reported every year out of which, 10 are fatal.

Meningitis B Vaccine is sold by Boots at £95 a jab though some of its branches have declared the medicine run out of stock. In the recent past, it can be mentioned here, the pharmacy stated that manufacturers cannot confirm when the stocks will be free again. Moreover, it nurtured hopes that things will fall back into place by the summer of 2016. Unfortunately, that deadline is almost about to pass away.

On the other hand, CityDoc, the largest supplier apart from the NHS sells the vaccine at £130 per dose. In a sudden development, it has limited its supplies to children who have already had one of the doses in the vaccination course. What is even more obnoxious is parents are being advised to contact private clinics in London to get Meningitis B vaccination for their young ones. However, it may be recalled here that earlier this year, the MRF CEO stated that because of unexpected surge in demand — thanks to an unprecedented public awareness — the vaccine stocks ran out.

In contrast to the prevailing uncertainty over the product’s availability across the region, its stock at the Marylebone-based Medical Express Clinic is running high. The eminent clinic is providing the vaccine at a flat rate of £150. According to a spokesperson of the medical facility center, “Medical Express Clinic emphasizes upon its social responsibility and wants to keep its contribution is shaping the future of our great nation. Considering these objectives, we have maintained an impressive stock of Meningitis B vaccine to secure the future of our country’s citizens of tomorrow.”

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