San Diego, California, August 9, 2012: is an insurance company that specializes in providing Mexican car insurance to American and Canadian citizens who will be traveling by automobile to Mexico for vacation or business. When travelers go to Mexico, their American or Canadian auto insurance doesn’t provide them with the coverage they need. Therefore, if they get involved in an accident in Mexico, they will be held fully liable for any damages that occur as a result of that accident. allows travelers who will be traveling to Mexico by automobile with the convenience of shopping for and purchasing Mexican auto insurance online. The website is affiliated with several Mexican insurance companies to allow customers to seek out the best possible price for the coverage they need. Because travelers won’t need long-term insurance coverage in Mexico, going through will allow customers to buy only what they need.

To ensure customers get the exact coverage they need, provides them with a free insurance quote. This quote will allow customers to weigh their options so they can find the affordable coverage that provides protection while traveling in Mexico. Without this coverage, travelers are at risk of being held liable for any damages caused by an accident because their coverage back home is not valid in Mexico. Preparing for the possibility of an accident will ensure the vacation doesn’t end in disaster.

Anyone who will be traveling to Mexico and is interested in getting a free online quote for Mexican auto insurance can learn more by visiting or by calling 1-888-467-4639.

About is a San Diego based insurance company that pairs up with insurance companies in Mexico to provide travelers with the auto insurance they need for a trip to Mexico, whether for business or pleasure. Customers are able to obtain a free online quote, as well as purchase the insurance online, so they can get the quick service they need and the insurance required for a safe trip to Mexico. Some customers don’t realize their American or Canadian car insurance won’t work in Mexico. This is why strives to educate all travelers to Mexico so they don’t find out they aren’t covered until it is too late.

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State: CA
Telephone number: 1-888-467-4639