Mid-Michigan Metal Sales Partners With Gentek Steel Siding

18 Sep

Burton MI, 17-SEPTEMBER-2015 — Mid-Michigan Metal Sales is pleased to announce a new relationship as a premier distributor with Gentek Steel Siding.

Gentek Steeltek Supreme Steel Siding is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality and its visible opulence coupled with the extremely superior quality that it boasts of is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes and is proudly being distributed by Mid Michigan Metal Sales.

September 17th 2015 — Mid Michigan is proud to announce an affiliation with Gentek Building Products. Boasting of over 50 years of experience, the team at Gentek has consistently provided opulent and exceptional quality products and make absolutely no exception with their newest launch, Steeltek Supreme Steel Siding, which is perfect not just for homes but also for businesses. Gentek has a phenomenal range of metal sidings for homes and businesses and they not only offer functionality and structure to your home or business, but also make them look extremely attractive. This combined with some refreshing colors and textures will make people weak in their knees and gives them a complete insight into one’s taste and lifestyle.

Gentek has an extensive product line which includes metal siding and siding accessories. Beautiful home exteriors are the result. The firm offers a range of attractive profiles, rich textures and appealing textures. Customers' homes become a true expression of personal taste.

Features which are built into each of the Gentek Steel Siding products include impact resistance, weather hardiness, low thermal expansion, upscale appearance and a Class A fire rating. In addition, the steel siding is insect resistant and simple to install. The quality of the siding permits a lifetime limited warranty, a 50 year hail warranty and a 15-35 year chalk and color change warranty.

As a qualified Gentek distributor. Mid Michigan Metal Sales is excited to be able to offer SteelTek Supreme Steel Siding products to their customers.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, A Mid-Michigan spokesperson explained, “The investment involved in remodeling your home is significant, but usually is a one-time cost. The ability to enhance the value and curb appeal of the home can make a tremendous difference if you should decide to place your home on the market”.

SteelTex Supreme Steel Siding from Mid-Michigan Metal Sales is a cost-effective choice for homeowners and contractors. The cost per year of use is competitive with that of other types of siding which may have to be replaced more frequently.

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