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01 Feb

Washington, Seattle. February 01, 2016.

Russian military activity in the Arctic has left many European nations scrambling for their defenses. Putin denies any aggressive intent on the part of Russian military, instead insinuating that the US may be using excess military spending in the form of military bases surrounding Russian territories. is the exact answer to Putin’s challenge to pinpoint US military bases. US army’s expanding foreign presence, whether to maintain peace in conflict-prone areas, or to tactfully expand US defense forces’ global coverage, is well elucidated on

In September, Northern Fleet warships and marines from Russia were dispatched to the Arctic, sending waves of panic in Norway, US, Holland and other countries sharing borders with Russia in the same region. Russia claims that they’ve retained only those global bases which help stabilize and sustain particular regions, unlike the US. They also claim that their bases are solely for eliminating the threat of terrorism from highly volatile regions like Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. While European nations squirm agitatedly, it might be up to the US to maintain a strategically neutral position.

Recently, President Putin invited a tabloid to point out US military bases on a world map. Russian president’s call-out is nothing short of subtly nudging the US for its well-camouflaged military advances on a global level. While it may seem difficult to answer such a challenge, there might be an answer closer at home: a website which succinctly answers the Russian President. The name of the website is  and it comprehensively marks out US bases spread across the globe.

From the kind of data visible here, it is easy to see primary concentration of US foreign defense presence in volatile geographies where military presence is essential to maintain peace and calm. US Special Forces in Hawaii, for instance, are trained to be safe-keepers of peace. One of their key strategies includes developing sustainable development for the entire region, incorporating indigenous needs into the equation. not only makes it possible to locate individual bases in Hawaii, it also allows viewers to learn more about them:  showing exactly why these bases are good for the whole area. However, a careful analyses of the mapping of US military bases outside Americas on the world map hints that there could well be underlying motives behind the expansion of US foreign defense presence., with broad color-coded graphics and clear diagrammatic schemes of the map, makes it easy to navigate for just about anyone. There are different search functions that help choose between the Army, Coast Guard, Joint Operations, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air-Force bases. The algorithm is equally adept at locating bases in the country and beyond, in places such as UK, Syria and Afghanistan. At present, the map features a complete list of all the base locations throughout the world. shows nearly 13 bases in/off Hawaii, 23 in the Belgium-Germany-Netherlands region, 12 in Iraq and nearby locations, and more. The website also provides weather information, driving routes, historical information and more about each of these locations as well. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone justifying US military presence at home and outside. By documenting the exact areas of US presence, shows how US could well be seen as the real aggressor in terms of unprovoked military advances in foreign territories, in contrast to how the global think-tank likes to stereotype Russia as the incorrigible military aggressor.

The question as to whether USA’s prominent foreign military presence is a necessary move to help the country maintain global peace, or a smart under-the-radar strategy to be in  a position of military control in major world geographies, will remain buzzing for the next few months, after Putin’s clear callout. Nevertheless, is exactly the kind of global map that was needed to answer the Russian President’s aggressive comments, at least for the time being.

About MilitaryBases.Co: An initiative created as a response to pin the positions of all military (US) bases around the world, Military Bases tries to provide visitors with accurate and adequate information on the place they are looking for. It lets users to select by state/country, leave comments, and expand knowledge of the US military locations.

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