This one, you should know -- there is definitely MORE to printing postcards. All these years, several myths and misconceptions about postcards have emerged. The truth, however, still prevails. Postcards are powerful tools for business and commercial reasons as well personal purposes. This write-up will present some misconceptions about postcards which aim to make you realize that postcard printing is really something more than that.

Misconception # 1 ““ That postcards are merely used to send a greeting or two.

Conventionally, postcards are used to send a greeting to a friend or relative during special occasions. However, postcards are not only made for this. Through the years, postcards have transformed to powerful weapons in marketing and advertising. They are directly mailed to target clients to promote a product or event and thus have become reliable advertising channels. Truly, postcards are not just meant to be greeting cards. When you venture into a business, try using them and discover how they can give you the edge in marketing.

Misconception # 2 ““ That postcard printing can only be afforded by big-time businesses.

People would naturally presume that only big companies can make postcards. They tend to believe that postcard printing is a complicated process and it needs a professional to yield the ultimate result. However, the truth of the matter is, anybody, even you can create your own customized postcards. You can seek the help of postcard templates and the right software, particularly desktop publishing software, to come up with your own designs. Once you have done that, you can now get your postcard printed. See how postcards can be created with a personal touch! You can write your own greetings and put in your photos. It just calls for some creativity and certain computer skills.

Misconception # 3 ““ That postcard printing is a costly enterprise.

A lot of people believe that it is expensive to produce postcards. They assume that producing color postcards will cost too much because of the complicated mass production involved. Therefore, small-time businesses and ordinary people cannot afford to get into postcard printing. This is wrong. Apparently, there is truth to cheap postcard printing. You can cut down on printing costs if you choose simple options for your paper and ink. If you just go with the basic but know how to infuse some creativity into your design, you can very well say that postcard printing is affordable and fun.

Misconception # 4 ““ That postcard printing is a complex process to get into.

Well, you may conclude that professional postcards entail a long and complicated process. Again, you are wrong. With the use of a printer in your office at home, you can easily get color postcards printed. Just make sure you have the proper dimensions and you can have the power to print your own postcards within your comfort zone. Furthermore, if you want postcards that look more professional and presentable, you can always hire printing companies to answer your printing needs. See there is really no cause for worry; postcard printing has gotten easier and more convenient now.

Misconception # 5 ““ That the more costly a postcard is, the more impressive it is.

This may be the most untruthful misconception of them all. Apparently, expensive postcards look great because of top quality printing and the type of paper and ink used. Well, they’d better be impressive if they cost that much. However, being expensive is not the main ingredient of a successful postcard. A cheap postcard can become even more impressive given a great design and message. Also, cheap postcards can be printed in bigger volume; hence, you get to disseminate your message to more people. That’s the truth -- quantity can sometimes overcome quality.

Now that the myths have been unveiled, I wish you well on your next postcard printing project.

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