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A GPS vehicle tracking system from SimplyTrak is being used by businesses in the UK to cut cost, increase efficiency and meet targets in ways never previously thought possible.

Brough, United Kingdom, July 2010 – SimplyTrak is pleased to provide a customised GPS vehicle tracking solution for businesses who are increasingly in need of being able to monitor the movement of goods or vehicles in a way that is more cost effective, more accurate and much quicker than traditional methods involving sheets, charts, maps and telephone calls. Most business with a fleet of vehicles or who are required to transport goods as part of their service have found that too much time is often being spent trying to monitor the location of vehicles or goods, and often this can only be guessed at roughly, with more accurate information only becoming available much later.

However in many instances this is too late when, for example, a vehicle is discovered to have been used fraudulently, or was identified as speeding, being used out of hours, or driven close enough to another vehicle for the two to have been combined into one delivery to save expense. Through the use of live GPS vehicle tracking it is now possible to be able to overlay the location of all vehicles in the fleet onto a map, providing a current view of exactly where the company's assets are.

Using the GPS vehicle tracking system from SimplyTrak a range of alerts can easily be programmed, so that if a vehicle deviates from a predetermined route or area a warning is delivered either visually or via text or phone. This not only helps in combating fraud or theft, but also helps management more effectively fulfil their duty of care in terms of monitoring the length of time drivers operate vehicles. Quick to install, easy to set up but offering a dynamic range of powerful features, SimplyTrak's GPS vehicle tracking system is helping businesses cut costs, improve service, increase efficiency and meet a range of targets in ways never previously possible.

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SimplyTrak is a UK based company providing a range of GPS vehicle tracking systems. They also provide high tech asset monitoring systems for high value assets reducing operational costs.

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