I love watching movies, so much so that I collect every print poster of my favorite movies. I have that melancholic poster printing of 'Gone With the Wind.' I had to shell out several dollars to get it because apparently it has become a collector's item. I have all those print posters of all the Bond films. I have The Godfather print posters tucked away in a sealed container to preserve its quality. I love those movies and those print posters represent every one of them.

Making movies and selling them is big business. As a business, movies have to be a hit in the box office. To achieve this, movie producers have to develop new and innovative ways to sell the movie. A million dollar cast does not guarantee a hit; but a good promotion campaign can. One of the more popular campaign tools that most movie producers resort to is posters. Like for any other business, poster printing makes sure that the movie is seen and anticipated by the movie-going public.

Poster printing for movies is a good way to advertise. It gives the public a preview of what to expect in the movie, the actors or actresses in it, and most importantly, its entertainment value. This means that it should be able to entertain the public at least for a good two hours. These three things are things which the movie-going public wants to know and they can be addressed through a well designed, properly conceptualized print poster.

Let us look at the elements of well designed, well thought of movie poster:

1. Highlight the Faces

Who are in it? The actors or actresses in the movie have a big influence on ticket sales. There are bankable stars that a mere mention of their name or by just showing their faces in your poster printing project is enough to attract movie goers. Names like Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Meryll Streep are a few of the more popular Hollywood starts that have the drawing power. Be sure to use these celebrities as subjects of your poster. Capitalize on his or her crowd drawing powers.

2. Give the Movie Genre

Your custom poster must be able to give a preview of what to expect in the movie. Is it an action film? A psycho thriller? It must be able to give the public a feel of what the movie has to offer. Remember that the picture says a thousand words and the picture in your poster must be able to do that and more.

3. Experiment with Typeface

One overlooked component of a good movie poster is the typeface used in the design. Typefaces have personalities. They say something about themselves. These typefaces must complement the theme of the movie. There are specific typefaces for a specific genre. A horror flick would definitely have a different typeface from a supposedly light and funny one.

There are many ways to skin a cat as there are a lot of ways to design a poster project. The ingredients above do not necessarily make a good and delectable meal. These are just guides that might improve it. There are still a lot of factors that might impinge on the ability of a movie to sell; but one thing is for sure, a good advertising campaign reduces the risk of a flop.

Brent Durell writes articles about marketing strategies like poster printing to help business owners build their campaign projects.

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