Mr. Perfect Offers Longlasting, Power Saving LED Bulbs

19 Aug

Mr. Perfect LED bulbs last 6% longer and use 43% less power

KOLDING, DENMARK, AUGUST 19, 2016 - The team at Mr. Perfect is thrilled to announce that their collection of LED bulbs offers eco-friendly, long-lasting properties for consumers.

The Danish company offers a comprehensive selection of LED, automotive diagnostic, and laserpointing lighting. Whether customers are seeking recessed lighting, LED fluorescent tubes, LED strips, laser pointers, industrial LED, or other lighting solutions, Mr. Perfect offers a wide range of effective lighting solutions.

The Mr. Perfect selection of LED bulbs provides a cost-effective alternative for consumers to experience high-end LED bulbs. “With LEDlife from, you are guaranteed a bulb/spot in the best quality and the absolute cheapest price,” said the Mr. Perfect team.

Mr. Perfect LED bulbs are rated to last 6 percent longer, use 43 percent less power, and save between 80-95 percent on power bills. In addition, the LED bulbs from Mr. Perfect offer a lifespan of up to 50,000 burning hours. According to the Mr. Perfect team, “If you have a lightbulb turned on for 3 hours per day, it will take approximately 44 years before it needs to be replaced. A halogen bulb would need to be changed after 1.5 years.”

LED, or light emitting diode, bulbs are environmentally friendly light sources that can help consumers save money over the life of their power bills.

Mr. Perfect is dedicated to delivering eco-friendly products, and they are pleased to offer a leading-edge selection of high performing LED bulbs like this one: . The company has become one of Denmark’s leaders in LED lighting, as well as other premier electrical components.

For instance, Mr. Perfect offers a wide range of LED products and LED spots like this spot . Consumers can find LED fluorescent tubes, panels, floodlights, strips, growth lights, industrial solutions, lights, and more. The company also offers a sterling selection of mobile phone accessories, car cameras, OBD fault code readers, lamps, recessed lighting, and more.

All in-stock items come with next-day delivery, and consumers are assured that they will receive the best product for the price.

“You can be assured of our efficient LED spotlights and our employees,” said the Mr. Perfect team. “They are specialists of our products and know them inside out.”

When customers visit the Mr. Perfect website, they can peruse the company’s full selection of products. In addition, they can read exclusive articles detailing the pros and cons of LED and more.

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Mr. Perfect is a Danish company that specializes in offering a comprehensive selection of LED, automotive diagnostic, and laserpointer lighting.


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