(World Press Release) Tom Hess Music Corporation announces the release of a free new music career special report that helps musicians and bands to attract a higher number of fans to their gigs and to advance the band’s career further with each live show.

“In addition to having played at world tours in front of audiences of 30,000+ people, I also work with musicians and bands from around the world helping them to get the most from their live shows and expand their music careers“, says Tom Hess – a world renowned music career mentor and touring guitarist.

He continues: “One of the most common challenges that bands have is attracting a large number of fans to attend their gigs. One of the reasons for this problem is due to the band putting too much of its focus only into its music and not enough on improving the actual performance of that music. Although the problem of not having enough people coming out to see a band’s gigs is a common one, there are several fairly simple solutions that can be used to overcome this challenge. Since I am asked about this issue a lot, I have published a free special report about how to get more people to attend a band’s live show in order to answer this multifaceted question in detail.“

The report reveals that in order to get more people to attend a band’s live shows, it is necessary to focus not only on promotion of the gig but also on several elements of a band’s stage presence, performance practicing, making the band’s shows special enough to make them appealing to watch, plus a lot more.

Hess says: “For a typical music fan, who is not a fanatic of the band yet, it is much more appealing to stay at home on a weekend night to surf the internet, watch a movie or listen to music on his computer rather than going through the trouble of traveling to a band’s show. This is true even if the fan likes the band and their music. In order for a large enough number of fans to actually come to the gig, the band must give them a substantial enough reason to attend. Most bands fail to do so and the results are predictably disappointing. On the other hand, if a band taps into the desires and needs of their ideal fan and delivers upon that, the band’s chances of a successful turnout at every gig go way up.“

Tom Hess’ free special report about how to get more fans to come to a band’s next gig can be found at http://tomhess.net

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