(Submit Articles) It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was in my collage, New Delhi with 7 of my colleagues and today we were finish our examination, after completed our exam we were planning to visit some of other friends in that weekend. First we was decide where all want to gone, my friends wants some adventure in this summer, I had heard the name of rishikesh for white water river rafting and I was quite enthusiastic to know-how that so we finalised rishikesh for this weekend.

So I started browsing though the net for selecting best tour package for river rafting in rishikesh. There are lots of adventures sites managing rafting trip in rishikesh but finally I find River Rafting India and called him for booking of our tour package. They were happy to accommodate us there camp; also provide us cab to go to Shivpuri from Delhi and back. It was not too expensive we all friends contributing there.

Delhi to rishikesh is around 5- 6 hour journey and also depends on your driver. Tea is most popular drink of north India so coffee is hard to find and also takes more time to make. Roads were not good to travelling.

Finally in early morning of Friday we arrived at rishikesh, from here Mr Jayendra (Representative of Majestic Tour India) take us for base camp which was at Shivpuri. Here I realized that good plan to came here because it’s such a nice place for night camping. Here we take some rest and sightseeing of near to camp area. Evening camp fire was unforgettable for us. Hospitality of Majestic Tour India was very high-quality.

Next day was adventures for all of us because we first time do it. After having breakfast we were in rafting point of shivpuri for started our rafting session. At first we did some safety drill after that we were ready for 18 kms long rafting experience. We were hit some exciting rapids like Roller Coaster, Golf Course and Double Trouble also we enjoyed cliff jumping from 30 feet. It was very exciting for us.

At 2 P.M we reached at finishing point. After that we return back and hang out in our camp site. Next day after morning breakfast we check out from camp site and return back to Delhi.

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