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Police found on the inspection, including a rental housing emits strange smell. Accompanied by the owner, police in entering the house searches. A house, in front of the scene that everyone startled: in the bedroom is putting presser, mixer, alcohol lamp, the flask, crucible tools such as the stacks on the glass powder, earth is red suspicious put the caffeine, essence, pigment, oxalic acid, sodium, calcium chloride, ammonia,cheap Ed Hardy headache MaHuangCao powder, etc. The policeman identified, the red powder is drugs "pink", weighing about 4.225 kilograms.

Little article that within a manufacturing factory. The police immediately to the housing tenants. The landlord and tenant called for a man and a woman, the man called "wide", the principle of guangdong maoming, registration of women, called "and" registration for yichang. Police found at the scene of a name for "huang", and "id"

Ed Hardy sale and write the name of notice. The police, "and" probably are trying to escape, indeed, a hotel room in a police are preparing to be away "and" and "wave" boyfriend and CaoMou captured.

The TuShen, these three per capita with drugs HanMou record confession "drug" and its aliases, "Daniel, and wide" namely huang huang together another name ", "the zhanjiang, guangdong cadastral man.

In TuShen at the same time, the other two groups of observers for suspects huang, "and" the catch. The long night, at 8, police station in YiDouShi zhicheng southbound train, huang (male, zhanjiang, guangdong 47), "o" (work his way up, male, zhanjiang, guangdong) two suspects arrested from the train start, only 10 minutes.

"Goods" no such ideas
In 1999, the 36-year-old huang zhan jiang city guangdong province, is due to theft intermediate people's court sentenced to eight years in prison because of imprisonment,discount Ed Hardy good performance during 2004, huang was released early.

2010 July, less than two years from the "generations", but rather to turn over a new leaf "again" continue selling drugs, great big money. That is in yichang drug "grease", he remembered the huang channel in guangdong, actively to make powder to yichang, huang will be about hopes he can do to introduce source middlemen.

They hit it off to introduce "generation, huang" to "stock" in yunnan. By 2010, the two people in late July together to yunnan. And, behold, they be in trade, "eat black black" and other 1 million yuan, pay but didn't get "goods".

After the deal, "and" back to yichang, but also returned home huang zhanjiang. "Think" and lost 1 million yuan, huang has been conceiving guilty.

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Ten days later at home for a friend, huang had accidentally learned of hemp fruit pill fragments want to shoot. In order to compensate for the loss of "li", huang came up with a good solution, purchase this batch of fragments, buy a manufacturing materials and tools, make new hemp fruit pills. Such not only can compensate for the loss of "li", oneself also can make a fortune. "And", immediately after know agree in yichang LuMou company in shenzhen for huang building leased a rental housing.
In the middle of August this year, huang will buy a punchingmachines before and debris, caffeine pill flax fruit flavor, powder, mixer,

Ed Hardy peep toe purple boots glass flasks, such as analysis tools and materials for the baggage in yichang "and".

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