Poison ivy is related with the rashes but it should not be confused with any other rashes. It is a plant which grows at unexpected places like flower beds, school yard, backyard or the trails which the kids use to walk to school. Diagnosis of poison ivy is a slow process as the rash of poison ivy starts very slow. But in some cases the symptoms of poison ivy is easily recognizable as they start to develop full brown rash all at once. In many other cases only a small area gets affected by poison ivy. Initially the rash due to poison ivy looks like a simple scratch or a few bug of bites. Over the next few days the rashes spread over and take on the more classic look of poison ivy. It looks like blisters, red bumps on the skin and it is very itchy also. It often appears in the shape of straight line. In some children even after the exposure to poison ivy they don’tget any rash until a week.

Children usually develops the symptoms of poison ivy after the exposure to the stems, leaves and the roots of a poison ivy plant starting within 8 hours to a week. Some of the important symptoms of poison ivy are an intensely rash which are very itchy, blisters and vesicles which are filled with fluid and there may be red bumps which are often in straight line or streaks. It starts from the place where the poison ivy plant came in contact with the skin. Some other symptoms of the poison ivy worsen over a week if it is left without treatment.

It can be cured with the help of following home remedies -

1. One of an effective way to treat poison ivy is the application of garlic oil. Use olive oil properly over the affected area and it will help in removing the poison ivy completely.

2. Rub the inner side of the peel of the banana over the affected area. This will give positive result for the treatment of poison ivy.

3. Wash the infected area in the running water. It will reduce the itching of the skin as it will help the histamines to wash away.

4. Mix 3 cups of oats in a bowl of warm water. Rub the infected area after soaking the infected area in this solution. This remedy will provide immediate relief from itching.

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