When there is a vibration of your soft palate then snoring occurs. It is caused due to many factors. The muscles which support the opening of the upper airway in the back of the throat relax during sleep. The fleshy piece between the tonsils, extra tissue in the palate vibrates with each breath. These vibrations only cause the sound of snoring. The air way has the tendency to close at any point in some people. When there is a narrowing of the airway it will cause turbulence and the noises of snoring.

Snoring is treated as nuisance which affects you as well as your partner. Snoring is disorder rather than only a health condition. This condition of snoring is very annoying. It occurs when a person is in sleeping condition. People who are overweight are also related with the condition of snoring. When person suffers from cold, flu, allergies, asthma etc then also he or she suffers from snoring. Persons are more susceptible to snoring when they suffer from the problem of sleep apnea or certain sleeping habits like sleeping on their back.

The snoring is not associated with many symptoms. But the primary symptom of snoring is the loud sound in addition with complicated and heavy breathing.

The problem of snoring can be stopped by the application of number of remedies. Some of the important home remedies for snoring.

1. If the person is overweight and suffers from snoring then the first remedy is to loose weight. Snoring can also be stopped when you stop smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. While smoking the mucous in the throat and the congestion in the nasal passage increases and result into snoring.

2. Due to drinking of alcohol beverages the throat muscles get relaxed resulting into the snoring. It is also necessary to make a habit to fix the time of sleeping and waking at the same time every morning. It is also very effective remedy for snoring.

3. To avoid snoring make a habit to eat yoghurt daily.

4. Before going to bed it is necessary to drink a cup of milk. It will also help in reducing the snoring.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee before going to bed to avoid snoring.

6. Make a habit to sleep on side.

7. One of the home remedy to avoid snoring is to eat a slice of bread with some kind of spread before going to bed.

8. Drinking eucalyptus tea is also an effective remedy for reducing snoring.

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