Osteoporosis is the disorder of the skeleton which reduces the density of the bone. Usually due to this disorder, the bone becomes weak and result into frequent fractures in the bones. Literally we can say that due to osteoporosis, abnormally our bone becomes porous which is compressible like a sponge.

Bone receives strength from its composition of protein, calcium and collagen. Bones which get affected by osteoporosis break even if it gets slight pressure. When there is an imbalance between the old bone resorption and the formation of the new bone, it leads to osteoporosis. In this condition it may be possible that body may be fail in formation of new bone or it may be possible that the old bones may be reabsorbed or it is possible to have both the conditions. Calcium and phosphate are the two essential minerals for the formation of the new bones. If the intake of the calcium is not sufficient or our body is unable to absorb enough calcium from our diet then in this case bone tissue and the production of the bone suffers a lot. Bone may also result into weaker, brittle and fragile bones which can break easily.

In early course this disease causes no symptoms. In the later stage, it may result into dull pain in the muscles or in the bones like neck pain and low back pain. Later in the course the patient suffering from osteoporosis feels sharp pains which may come on suddenly. This pain does not spread to other areas but it becomes worse when some weight is put on that area. The pain may subside in one week or it may linger even more than three months.

Some of the natural treatments for osteoporosis -

1. Exercise is very important for reducing the problem of osteoporosis. Especially the weight-bearing exercise is vital for the improvement of bone health. You may perform jogging, walking, dancing, running and also weight training. These exercises put more weight on the bones then other exercise like swimming.

2. Intake of vitamin D is very effective in building bone mass. From exposure of the sun we receive vitamin D it synthesizes in our body. It is also found in the food like salt-water fish, egg yolk, liver and fortified beverages.

3. Vitamin K is very essential in improving the bone loss. It is found in leafy vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, lettuce, spinach and Brussels.

4. Calcium is very important in building bone mass. Calcium is found in yoghurt, green vegetables, and soy products, in sesame seeds and in many things.

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