NazB Defends Raped Victims With New Single “Shame”!

13 Mar

Switzerland acclaimed rapper, NazB, releases a new single titled “Shame” featuring Dior. The merit of the single is to raise the awareness of “Rape, in hopes of stopping assaults and restoring peace. NazB quickly captured the attention of Swiss based charity organization, Weisser Ring; “Shame” is the perfect tool to raise awareness and help the cause. 


Weisser Ring was established in 1984 in Kloten, Switzerland; today the nonprofit organization is the only operating victim support group in Switzerland. NazB has become an Activist for the cause and proceeds from the single “Shame” will be donated to Weisser Ring. The influential rapper stated, “This is my two bits to support the society that has supported me.” 

Since the release of “Shame” NazB has been getting a lot of media exposure. He was recently featured in Blickamabend, one of the biggest newspapers in Switzerland. The article can be seen here: 

“Rape is a very devastating crime; the victim is stripped of power, pride and security, all at the same time. Victims of ‘Rape crimes are often left, physically and mentally scarred for an indefinite period. Statistic shows that one in every three women are beaten or raped during their lifetime. There are far too many victims in the world for NazB to remain silent. 

While other rappers continue to rap about their glamorous lifestyles, NazB broke the tradition and raps for a cause. It’s highly anticipated that the aspiring rapper will release an official music video for the “Shame” single. Fans and well-wishers are urged to follow the NazB movement via social media: