(Submit Articles) The South Eastern Conference has a King. There is no doubt that it head coach Nick Saban’s team which dominates that conference as the Alabama football team whooped the University of Florida. It seems that the Gators are not great swimmers when it comes to dealing with the Crimson Tide. This is one of the fiercest rivalries among NCAA football teams. But this time around, there was not much of a fight. The game was all Alabama.
Mark Ingram, last year’s Heisman Trophy ““Alabama’s first, by the way-, came out to punish the Florida Gators defense. He was a vital part of the 31-6 crushing of the Alabama Crimson tide over Florida. He completed two-touchdowns, completed 12 carriages for a very decent 47 yards and proved once again that he is as swift, agile, and fast as you could expect from a player that could very soon start playing on Sundays.
Urban Meyer has yet to figure out a way to keep Nick Saban’s boys from ruining his tactic plans. As a matter of fact, in his six years in front of the Gators, it has been the Alabama Crimson Tide the team in charge of serving him his most lopsided defeats. The Florida Gators lost by 28 points in Tuscaloosa in 2005 and by 19 points in last years SEC Conference Championship game last year. This time around, Meyer couldn’tfind a way to keep the Tide from devastating its defense.
Be it from the air raids conducted by Greg McElroy, who completed 11 of 17 attempts for 84 yards and no interceptions, or from the game-changing skills shown on the ground play, Alabama was simply superior. Except for the passing yards, were Florida was more dominant (but certainly no too effective) with its 202 passing yards thanks to John Brantley, when it came down to moving the ball down the court, the Tide completed 170 rushing yards, a good chunk of those in the hands of the talented Ingram. The Gators, on the other hand, responded with 79 rushing yards while giving away 4 turnovers.
This is Alabama’s 19th straight victory. The defending champions are looking as strong and versatile as ever before. The Bryant-Denny stadium was hosting somewhere around 101,802 fans. Alabama has claimed 13 National Titles, 22 SEC titles.
Last year Alabama went 12-0 under Nick Saban’s orders. The team then went on to defeat the Florida Gators in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl 32-13. Last season, Alabama defeated 4 ranked teams in their flawless regular season. They could have what it takes to repeat the feat.
Mark Ingram is looking strong as always. He could very well be on his way to his second Heisman Trophy. He is the most versatile and strong NCAA College Football running back in the nation. Might he be able to stay healthy and avoid any more troubles with his knee (which by the way, kept him from playing in his first two games as a Junior) he might be working his way back to the top of the sport. He proved he was back in his two feet with his great game against Duke. Now, if there where any doubts, he has utterly made a mess out of the Gators D. It might just be another great season for the Crimson Tide.

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