(Submit Articles) These two teams have been the Big12 dominant forces when it comes down to NCAA football. The series is considered to be one of the greatest rivalries in American sports. When it comes to the Big12 perhaps only the Rivalry that the Texas Longhons hold against the Texas A&M Aggies, and the Rivalry between the Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys can match the media attention and the crowds this event carries on.
Since 1945, the two teams have managed to arrive on this date ranked among the top 25 teams in the nation, which makes this even significant not only among the Big12 conference teams, but an important and nationally televised sporting event. Now, six of the last 10 Red River Rivalry games have included at least one team playing in the Bowl Championship Series, including the national titles won by the Sooners in 2000 and the Longhorns in 2005.
If placed under a National scenario, perhaps only the Navy-Army game and the Michigan-Ohio State series have a major impact on NCAA sports. It is always a game that attracts a lot of wagering action, as the teams are known to go out and give on the best show they possibly can.
As of press time, the Sooners are a -3½ point favorite on the spread. Totals will be opened later on the week. Even though the game is played in the state of Texas, the Fairgrounds in Texas are considered to be a neutral site. Until 2015, both schools will play the game at the Fair Park. It is a very important event, as some studies have established that the hosting town could see revenues of up to $17 million annually to local businesses.
The Longhorns come from somewhat of an embarrassing game against UCLA. The polls had Texas as No.1 before their stunning home loss against UCLA. Here is the thing; losing against a unranked team is a blow for the Longhorns institution. But losing against an unranked team while playing in Austin, of all places, hurts even more.
Now, the Longhorns have to get their act together, otherwise Oklahoma is going to crush the heck out of them in this Saturday’s game. The longhorns dropped in the AP poll from 7th to No. 21. A lose against the Sooners would hurt their aspirations to make it into the Bowl Championship Series.
On the other hand, the Oklahoma Sooners should be aware that the Longhorns have to redeem themselves with their fans. No matter where you stand in regards to their performance, losing like they did to UCLA is unacceptable. If their players have a strong sense of self-respect, they are going to bring down their A-game into this Red River Rivalry showdown.
If you are looking for a key-secret ingredient for this game, this is probably the right perspective. Oklahoma is expected to win by 3.5 points on the spread. The Sooners have had a fairly good season in both conference and non-conference play. It is the Longhorns who have to come and turn their team around if they expect to be among the best college football teams in the nation.

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