(Submit Articles) As the NCAA Football season evolves into the second half of its regular season, and there have been plenty of changes in the No. 1 spot, we can help but to start guessing which two teams are going to be making it into the BCS National Championship Game on January 10 in Glendale, Arizona.
Now, just like it has been happening for a while, the No. 1 spot in the BCS once again changed. Yet, this time, the former No. 1 team, the Auburn Tigers, didn’tloose its game, actually, the Tigers defeated Mississippi by 20 points, 51-31. And yes, keep an eye out for their quarterback Cam Newton. Not only can he rush, and pass like a top-notch quarterback, but against Ole Miss, Newton caught a 20-yard touchdown pass on the Tigers’ opening series. The Tigers are 9-0, but it wasn’tenough to hold on.
As a matter of fact the No. 1 spot belongs to Oregon. The Oregon Duck went on the road to face the USC Trojans, but they made one heck of a comeback as the third quarter found the Ducks on a 29-32 deficit. But then LaMicheal James clicked in. He rushed for 239 yards and three touchdowns, while quarterback Darron Thomas was 19 of 32 for 288 yards and 4 touchdown passes. So the high scoring Ducks have now scored 40 or more points in each of their 8 games of the season.
The TCU Horned Frogs are currently in the third place of the BCS Rankings. These guys have the nations strongest scoring defense and so far into the tournament have allowed only 8.7 points per game.
Sitting close in fourth place is the Boise State. With a 7-0 record the Broncos have taken over some fairly big contenders in the season. They took over Virginia Tech and have been fairly stable in their recent games. Their latest win was a 49-20 crushing of the guys from Louisiana Tech. The Boise State Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore completed 20 of 28 for 298 yards and two touchdowns. He has thrown 2 interceptions in the season. If he can keep up the good performance the Broncos might be playing in one of the BCS Bowls this season.
Fifth comes Utah. The Utes have an 8-0 record and have already proved worthy of their top-5 position by defeating the Big East Conference leader Pittsburgh in an exciting overtime game early in September. They have a great scoring offense, but have yet to prove their value against tougher opponents.
Now, we cannot let pass a couple other great teams that although are not in the top 5, should certainly be placed in the equation for the BCS Championship Game. For instance, if it comes to choosing one team without a perfect record, we couldn’tleave behind the Alabama Crimson Tide. At 7-1 this season, Alabama had held a 19 game winning streak until the team fell to South Carolina in early October.
And there are the Sooners too. Oklahoma fell to Missouri, but they swept pass the Florida Gators 41-17. They climbed to No. 1 spot but like most every other team since, they weren’table to hold on to it.
The NCAA Football betting season is just about to get better as the teams rush into the final part of the season.

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