Neck Pain Sufferers May Benefit From Natural Remedies

19 Feb

Orlando, FL— February, 2016 — Exercise is one of the most popular remedies to improve overall health and immunity against a myriad of diseases. It is not surprising that it is also considered to be an option for individuals who suffer from certain discomforts.

Neck pain sufferers may benefit from natural remedies such as exercise. In dealing with pain, sufferers do not need to automatically resort to pain relief drugs. While these medications are helpful, their use is associated with side effects. They also do not address the root cause of the problem as they are only formulated to provide temporary pain relief.

“In addition to exercise, neck pain sufferers may also resort to other natural alternatives such as glucosamine supplements,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

While aging is a popular cause of neck pain, there are other factors believed to contribute to the development of the condition. The years that the neck spent in holding the head is thought to result in cervical vertebrae degeneration, and leads in neck pain.

In a clinical trial, it was revealed that neck pain sufferers may find remedy in exercising. Sufferers often suffer from symptoms such as numbness, headaches, muscle weakness, loss of balance, and chronic pain.
The clinical trial was conducted in the Punkaharju Rehabilitation Center in Finland. The researchers tried to investigate how strength training can have positive effects in the neck. It was compared to stretching and to not engaging in any activity at all.

The number of participants involved was 180, and the age bracket was between 25 and 53. The participants worked in an office setting and were chronic pain sufferers.

The study revealed that three-quarters of the subjects achieved considerable pain relief. This has led the researchers to conclude that that strength-training is potentially effective as a pain relief remedy for sufferers. After one year, the participants reported not just pain relief but also neck strength.

Interestingly, the participants also reported achieving some improvements in their ability to move their neck. It is also important to note that the improvements experienced by the participants were 10 times than those who belonged to the control group.

For individuals who suffer from neck pain due to cervical spondylosis, they may take advantage of the therapeutic effects of glucosamine. This age-related condition jeopardizes the health of the joints in the neck, and results from wear and tear.

It is important to remember that aging results in the reduced production of glucosamine inside the body, and this causes a range of undesirable consequences such as arthritis. If neck pain develops due to aging, sufferers may try using glucosamine supplements to achieve pain relief and improved mobility (
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