New Book Release- The Malevolent Twin

16 Sep

Your summer reading list may be coming to a close but before it does, add this suspense thriller to your list.  The Malevolent Twin is the story of a wayward wicked twin with destructive intentions. Avery Tran is ordinary in every way except one: her friend Venice.

Since she was a young girl Avery was the only one who could see Venice. Avery would describe her as her own alter ego. As Avery got older, Venice began to appear in front of Avery wearing obscene clothing, mocking and harassing her for her frumpy style and average looks.

Eventually, Avery started to wonder what Venice truly was. Usually imaginary friends leave after childhood is over. Her curiosity leads her to an abandoned ancient mobile home, where her parents had buried a stillborn, then to a wise old exorcist who failed to successfully exorcise Venice, then finally to a quirky middle aged psychic.

All the trouble starts when Avery wakes up in a swinger’s club. Having no recollection of how she ended up there, Avery starts to think it is Venice’s doing, after discovering herself dressed and made up to look like Venice. Soon after, a neighbor’s dog goes missing and a murder scene appears at her work place. Avery confronts Venice about these heinous acts and learns what she already suspected: it was Venice, controlling her body, who had committed the crimes.

The Malevolent Twin is the brain child of Mary Sage Nguyen, the youngest daughter of Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants. Vietnamese was the language spoken at home, so the only way she was able to learn English was through the public school system. Even though English was not spoken at home, Mary became an avid reader as a young child and always dreamed of being a writer someday.

“This supernatural and psychological thriller novel should not be ignored and will gain audience popularity. Malevolent Twin is the first book in this new and avant-garde series. Get it now and read it before the phenomenal starts. Be the original fans and trendsetters by start the fan based Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram!,” writes Danny Brewer.

“The author, Mary Nguyen, creates a supernatural that audiences have not seen or existed. This supernatural is not vampires, werewolves, faeries, ghosts, witches, paranormal, psychic, or aliens. This antagonist is NEW.”

From Laura Thomas, “The beginning of this book is chilling. I had to go back and check that it wasn’t listed as a horror story. Then I read on and discovered it was Avery having a nightmare.

Avery has had an imaginary friend, Venice, since she was a young girl. Now she’s a young woman, working with her mother in a nail salon, being a good girl and dreaming of something better. Venice still keeps coming around.  As their wills class, as Avery wishes Venice would just go away, Venice turns evil.  Just who is Venice? What does she want? What will she make Avery do next?”

Get your copy today and find out.