The recently released book, Computer Chaos Control, unveils the ultimate computer filing system and solves the problem that no one in the computer industry has been able to solve in thirty years of creating operating systems.

McLean, VA, March 17, 2010 -- As computer storage sizes get larger and larger each year, and as people conduct much more of their lives online, the mountain of files to search keeps growing and growing. Without a set filing structure, your ability to find digital files over the next decade could easily become unnecessarily difficult, if not impossible. A new book released this month provides a quick, exciting solution to the pain of data dysfunction.

Several productivity websites claim the average person can save almost an hour a day by having an effective filing system in place. Knowing that, John Cini, who's been researching a new system for years, resulting in his new book "Computer Chaos Control," says: "Give me 20 minutes and I’ll save you hundreds of hours over the next decade!"

He describes the book as a quick read that helps both computer novices and experts create a logical filing system to instantly find anything in their computers. He says the system works for ANY computer, whether you have an old Windows operating system or a new one, or an Apple, or anything with folders.

The book received glowing reviews from both Burke Hedges, who has sold 4 million copies of books he authored, such as "Who Stole The American Dream," and James M. Fisher, a Microsoft MVP awardee since Oct. 2003 and owner of the site

The book's true value, according to Mr. Cini, is in putting a price on a system that helps you to never have to hunt for a file again. "The computer filing system I explain in the book has certainly saved me countless hours over the last 5 years, and it's done the same for huge numbers of people I've assisted in setting up computers. Having a system in place that helps you remember where you put your files is SO important and so easy to do, but most of us have never learned how to do that - no one has shown us how or given us a template to copy. This is unlike anything available anywhere today, online or offline."

Benefits of this new computer organization system include:
* Detailing a specific folder structure
* Syncing folders across multiple programs
* Logically organizing photos, movies, and media
* Making it simple to find things when you need them
* Explaining exactly WHAT critical documents & media to protect, and how to do so
* Describing where and when to backup data regularly

The biggest problem with all the online help about "How to Organize Computer Files" is that all the sites tell you to "Create folders and sub-folders" but don't give you any examples of a logical folder structure or how to remember where you put things, Mr. Cini suggested. "It's beyond me why no one else has developed a storage system like this INSIDE the computer operating system - you'd think some brilliant techie at Microsoft would have thought of this 10 or 20 years ago!" he said. "Here you have a book that shows you how to do it all in a matter of minutes, so you can take charge of your computer!"

Mr. Cini expects the ground-breaking system he's introducing to quickly cause a change in computer software. Assessing the computer industry's lack of urgency in filling this void, Mr. Cini noted, "If the computer and software companies really wanted you to be secure in your computing, they’d solve this problem in no time. But they don’twant that! They want you to upgrade your computer or software every year or two, continuing the chaos as you move from one system to another."

To see a couple 3-minute video clips of the new system and learn more about the "Computer Chaos Control" book, visit

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