New Divine Bounty Sale on Resveratrol Supplement Exceeds Expectations

01 Feb

Orlando, FL — February, 2016 — Divine Bounty spokesperson, Mary Jackson, announced that consumers have embraced the company’s new antioxidant supplement and sales far exceeded the firm’s expectations. The Divine Bounty Resveratrol supplement is available exclusively on Amazon in 60 count bottles.

“Our customers appreciate that our Resveratrol supplement is one of the most potent available and we thank them for making our launch such a success,” said Jackson.

Resveratrol is a natural substance containing polyphenols that plants make to protect themselves from bacteria, fungi, UV rays and other environmental stresses. It’s a botanical antioxidant and the Divine Bounty formula contains extracts from four of the most potent resveratrol producers on the planet — acai, green tea, grape seed and red wine.

Science has shown that the compound is beneficial for neutralizing free radicals in the body that damages cells and DNA. It helps the body reduce inflammation found in arthritis and neurodegenerative diseases and may provide protection against diseases that include diabetes and osteoarthritis. Resveratrol is beneficial for all, but Canadian research has shown it may also be especially advantageous for athletes.

The Canadian study showed that resveratrol enhanced endurance, cardiac function and metabolism during training, while a similar project in France concluded the natural antioxidant was beneficial for slowing growth of cancer cells. Research published in the American Journal of Pathology showed that resveratrol helped prevent abnormal growth of blood vessels associated with vision loss in the elderly.

Resveratrol studies in Korea indicated that resveratrol had the ability to increase testosterone concentration in men. In the UK, resveratrol studies showed that increased neurological blood flow was a benefit, providing better memory function and mental performance.

The Divine Bounty Resveratrol supplement offers 1400mg of polyphenols per two capsule serving and the veggie capsules are appropriate for vegetarians. The supplement is free of many common allergens, contains no preservatives, stearates or artificial ingredients, and is easy to swallow. It offers an easy and convenient solution for individuals who may have dietary constraints or food allergies, and the supplement comes with the company’s 100 percent money back guarantee.

Consumers have been overwhelmingly receptive to Divine Bounty’s Resveratrol supplement, with demand far surpassing the company’s anticipated sales. The supplement provides extracts from four botanical sources for one of the most potent antioxidant products currently available (
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