New Flights At Fiumicino Could Represent Opportunity For Shuttle Companies

03 Mar

Private airport transfer companies working from Rome Fiumicino airport, such as Shuttle Direct, could see an increase in demand for their services over the next few months, as a number of airlines are set to debut new flights and services to and from that airport in 2014. 

The main provider adding to the Fiumicino roster over the upcoming months is probably low-cost giant Ryanair, who have switched their sights from their previous base of operations — the other main Rome airport, Ciampino — to Fiumicino, The budget airline seems intent on transferring their flights from Ciampino to Fiumicino wholesale, making it their new hub for flights to and from Rome. In the meantime, they have added three internal flights to their list, with services connecting Fiumicino to Catania, Palermo and Lamerzia Terme since mid-December 2013. Given the fact that the company’s flights tend to err on the side of fully booked, this could represent a nice boost in demand for private car transfer companies working from the airport, such as Shuttle Direct

Ryanair is not, however, the only airline set to give extra business to Shuttle Direct and its sister companies at Fiumicino. As unlikely a candidate as it may be, Yemenia Yemen Airways — the official carrier of the tiny Asian nation of Yemen — has also struck a deal to operate flights to and from the airport, linking it to Yemen capital Sana’a. Aside from enabling Yemeni nationals to visit the Italian capital, the service will also act as a scale in the link between Sana’a and Frankfurt, in Germany. Flights connecting the three airports have been in place since December 18 (the same date Ryanair debuted two of its three new flights) and Yemenia Yemen Airways has the monopoly of the service, facing no direct competition from any other airline. 

When added to the restructuring and expansion services being carried out by local airline Alitalia within the same airport, these new flights could represent a great business opportunity for Fiumicino-based airport transfer providers such as Shuttle Direct. 

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