New Ideas to Further Enhance Your Booklets

18 Jan

(Submit Articles) After booklet printing for a long time, you will probably be asking where your own custom booklet printing goes from here. Well, there many different paths that you can go with your future custom booklets. Let me give you a few great new ideas that a lot of the more progressive professionals are trying out these days. Just read on and see if you can apply all of these to your own color booklets.

a. Alternative dimensions and shapes – Most booklet printing is defined by several standard dimensions and of course the rectangular shape. If you are bored by that and want to go to the next logical step, then of course you will want to use more alternative dimensions and shapes than the ones used by standard booklet templates.

A good move would be to print slightly larger booklets to gain some impact with the booklet size. Another thing to try out would be to try printing booklets with unusual shapes such as circular booklets, rounded edge booklets or even custom shapes like tree shaped booklets. This will of course require more work for the booklet printing company, but you will get something very fresh and new when those custom booklets come out.

b. More exotic cover materials – When it comes to booklet printing materials, the logical next step is to use more exotic materials at its cover. The typical paper and inks should be replaced by a thicker and glossier type of paper with even glossier kinds of inks. Some people even integrate glitter or reflective materials in their booklet prints to add that glinting style in their work. Again this will add more customization costs in your booklet printing, but it will make your booklets a really visible and fresh work for people to see.

c. More interactive booklets – Another logical next step in booklet printing is to print more interactive booklets. Instead of just being a passive thing to read, you can engage readers more by making it interactive.

This involves adding special additions in your booklet that people can manipulate. For example you can put in pop up elements, visual design tricks, pseudo 3D holograms and other special effects. This should help people engage with the custom booklets more as they will be able to “play” with them and even find entertainment as they read the content.

Take note though that a lot of these customizations are not done by all booklet printing companies. You will need to find a good booklet printer that can do a lot of customizations in color booklets well.

d. More targeted booklets – Finally, another great leap forward when it comes to booklet printing is the production of more targeted booklets. Instead of printing one design for the general audience of your booklet, you can create multiple booklets aimed at your different key market demographics. So you can print one design for women, another for men, for young people, etc.

You may think this adds more cost to printing, but by dividing up the total pieces the difference should be negligible. However, the apparent benefits should be obvious as you have a more potent impact on each individual demographic.

So those are the next steps that you can do with your booklet printing. Try to see if any of these new steps and techniques can apply to your own printing of custom booklets.

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