New service that helps accelerate activities on Pinterest called Autopin launched

15 Feb

With the purpose of helping Pinterest users automate every task, a new service called as Autopin was recently launched. This was revealed on the site The spokesperson the site maintained that this feature will definitely bring massive changes to how people use Pinterest and will also broaden the scope of the social networking site.


According to him, “Pinterest is one form of media through which a person or a business can become very popular. However, this is easier said than done and it usually takes a lot of time before one can finally start receiving the intended likes and followers. Autopin was created to minimize the effort of the user and to make the system automated.”


He then said, “Using the Autopin service, users can easily gain automatic followers as well as invite people to one’s boards, create pins according to keywords, and even like and comment on other peoples’ posts automatically.” The spokesperson also maintained the fact that using Autopin, users will be able to obtain the desirable speed at which they want to operate. On top of that he also cited that users can choose the actions which they want their accounts to carry out.


According to reliable sources, Autopin will prove to be a handy tool for Pinterest users who would want to achieve more by doing less. Among its impressive features includes the no download feature as it runs on the cloud, easy setup nature, and ability to be used on multiple accounts.


Later, the spokesperson reiterated that once a user subscribes to the Autopin service the tool will be held accountable and will efficiently track every follower and generate reports. He observed, “With the help of Autopin, users can easily track every single follower and also get reports about the number of followers generated daily.” For more details go to


About Autopin


It is a new service meant to help Pinterest users accelerate their activities on the site. The website provides this service through a number of packages and plans starting at $19 per month for a single account.



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