15 Jan

Chicago, Illinois (January 2016) - Many Americans think it is time for real change.  New thoughts. New leadership. That’s where the bird comes in.

Born of humble beginnings, Bubbles is a canary with ambition.  This bird knows what it is like to work your way up.  He understands that it takes hard work to succeed.  And he welcomes the challenge.

As leader of the new CAP Party (Canary as President), Bubbles vows to commit himself to the voters.  “They’re not stupid.  They know what they want. And I will listen.”

His campaign manager, Alfalfa, whose family can be recognized as the Gerbil Sitters, the rodents made famous through their painted portraits, agrees.  “Yup, Bubbles has always listened to me,” he states, “even when he pretends he’s not.  It’s a rare skill.”

Asked why he decided to run for President, Bubbles says simply, “Because it’s a free country.  Any birdbrain can do it.  And people want change.  They’re tired of being pooped on.”

And that simple, no fuss philosophy is sure to endear him to the voters.

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