New website announces the availability of Trackr Bravo App in Australia

22 Aug

In a recent development, a new website has announced the availability of Trackr Bravo App for iOS and Android devices in Australia. According to a representative of the site, “We are delighted to announce to the Australian public that the Trackr Bravo app which has been regarded quite highly by users will now be available for download. As of now, the app is supportable in smartphones and devices with either Android or iOS.”


In addition to the announcement, the representative also gave away a few details about the tracker app. He revealed, “Trackr Bravo is very easy to install and use. It will only require a few minutes, probably less than 5 minutes to pair the coin-sized device with the users’ device. Then users will be required to download a free application which can be used to help find the lost object anywhere.”


He added, “Many people have this problem of forgetting or losing things and this device is perfect for such people. The device can be safely placed on the object and when they get lost, the owner can simply track its location through the Trackr Bravo app. This is amazing and indeed a revolutionary invention.”


It may be noted that over the past couple of years the world has experienced a significant increase in the invention of innovative gadgets, devices and other technological advancements. People are becoming brilliant and highly creative day by day and the incorporation of technology to everyday life is a perfect example of how people have been able to make lives easier when science and technology is used in the right manner.


The Trackr Bravo app has been designed to track cars, mobiles, purse, backpacks, bicycle, motorcycle, keys, and even ones’ adorable pets. The price and download details have all been furnished on the website. For more details go to


About The Tracker Bravo Australia


It is a website that has been primarily created in order to make the Trackr Bravo App easily accessible to the Australians and to popularize the app.





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