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Generally, when one is identified with #HIV or #AIDS, they conveniently quit their expect life. Particularly in African continent where AIDS victims do not attempt to live yet they somewhat attempt to await their death. They abandon every initiative to live. It might be as a result of hardship baseding upon some physicians in African hospitals.

They do not intend to pass away in the medical facility. They choose to die at their homes surrounded by their families. Some family members put order for casket while the sufferers are still alive.

Right here we intend to stress that there are still wish for life even a part of their feet remain in the casket. Physicians told us that more than 70% of targets could survive and at the very least recover their ability to do housework.

There are numerous anti-AIDS medicines yet they are far from the reach of bad nationals. We learn through people in Africa suggesting taking garlic and various other botanical herbs. Garlic could be among the best anti-AIDS herbs. Yes, garlic can delay the rapid growth of viruses. Nevertheless, the performance of garlic doubts as compare to the latest anti-retroviral medicines.

Whatever it is, please be notified that there is a lot of expect the recovery of the disease. Please consult your doctor.

There have to do with 5-- 6 million people who are infected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa alone, and nearly 1,000 individuals are dying daily. Indeed, it's an awful number, yet it seems to be a difficult problem to help them due to the nation's financial standing.

We do not have sufficient documents and testimonies for HIV/AIDS with the PYROENERGEN II therapy, although a lot of systems were delivered to Africa for that objective. The factor we could not obtain records from them is mainly as a result of privacy. We do not have any type of information specifically for grave cases of the disease. We truly suggest making use of the machine while the disease is still at its beginning. We wish that we can collect more endorsements whether it's good or bad quickly. Nevertheless, with the PYROENERGEN II therapy, we have learned that HIV/AIDS patients' pH balance (alkalinity) have actually boosted and viral loads reduced considerably.


We have actually provided great number of PYROENERGEN II machines for #HIV or #AIDS therapy around the world, especially to a number of clinics and hospitals consisting of exclusive homes in Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, and Johannesburg. Nonetheless, people who could be treated with the machine are limited due to poverty. Many government medical facilities are operating at no cost for them. However, poor family members can not afford to take a trip daily to healthcare facilities due to far distance from their residences or makeshift outdoors tents.

Exactly what are your smart ideas and point of views? We have actually been cooperating with HIV/AIDS hospitals and facilities to deal with the troubles for at some time now. However, according to them their most significant difficulty is financial problem.

We were requested for payments and contributions of the PYROENERGEN II unit, and we have done it for health centers where they purchased the units. However just what occurred then? Information we get from specific people are not as we expected to occur.

Varieties of HIV/AIDS family are boosting greatly. Both parents understood that they are victims of HIV/AIDS, however there appears to be no end in including one more HIV/AIDS children in their family.

Miracle Alternatives, LLC. is a certified supplier for the PYROENERGEN II. We could market and deliver worldwide. To read more, to read thorough descriptions, view images, watch video clip demonstrations visit the website for the PYROENERGEN II.

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Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in checking out the source of many distressing conditions. In 1968, he created PYRO-ENERGEN, the very first and only electrostatic therapy machine that properly eliminates viral conditions, cancer, and conditions of unknown reason. is a Japanese health scientist associated with checking out the reason for many awful illness. In 1968, he created PYROENERGEN II, the very first and just electrostatic therapy machine that efficiently removes viral diseases, cancer, and conditions of unidentified cause.
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