New York based mold removal company announces expansion of services

25 Feb

As per an official disclosure from Dry Ease, a mold removal company located in New York City, the company has now expanded their area of services with an aim to expand the company. The spokesperson of the company, in a recent interview revealed, “Dry Ease has been always been dedicated mold removal company specializing in water damage services, mole remediation, fire and smoke, leak detection and remedial measures, and structural drying.”


“We are delighted to announce that our company will now be offering some new services such as HVAC and duct remediation as well as emergency water services”, uttered the spokesperson. He reiterated that duct decontamination has become one of the most in demand immediate actions in most properties in New York and New Jersey areas. Thus, according to him, the company in the hope of dealing with this issue and help the local residents get rid of it as soon as possible had decided to provide the mold and duct decontamination services.


He also expressed that through the emergency water services the company would try and try handle every clients’ water related issues in their homes or offices. Concerning this, he stated, “Our experts will respond to every flood damages, water cleanup, restorations and reparations to make the affected area spick and span.”


Affirming about the quality of services offered by the company, the spokesperson remarked that being an EPA certified company there is nothing to doubt. He added, “Our Company follows every single policy being listed by the environmental protection agency of New York City. Thus, clients can be assured of the safety of our services.”


According to sources, the Dry Easy Company is one of the reputable mold removal companies to have come up in recent years. They are a BBB accredited business with A+ grade, and certified by AIHA and NAMP as well as member of USGBC and Indoor Air Quality, USA. For more details go to


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