New York Divorce rate sharply increases by 2014: Lawyers get ready for a jam-packed year.

04 Mar

The 2014 marriage failure statistics in New York has went through the roof. The divorce rate is more among couples who put their work first instead of their spouse. With the whole of New York working harder than ever to improve their career, they have become so attached to work that any other relationship takes second place. It is unfortunately the harsh truth of it. 

Today, divorce is legally defined not just in New York but also in the entire United States of America. It is necessary to get a good lawyer to ensure an equitable and hence a fair settlement. With the legal dissolution of the marriage, each spouse can move on and have the legal right marry if they want to. A divorce settlement is much more complicated than it actually sounds and a lot rides on it, especially if there are children involved. It is therefore very important to invest in a good New York divorce lawyer to get the right settlement. The lawyer must be able to get the right share of assets for his/her client, settle debts, and most importantly settle issues concerning the custody can care of the children, visitation rights, child support and spousal support. For spouses who have suffered domestic violence, the right New York divorce lawyer will be able to provide them a secure order of protection. 

According to the law system in New York, it is necessary for the spouse seeking to get a divorce prove to the court that there are occurrences of misconduct or any other forms of faults that have culminated to the dissolution of the marriage. The right lawyer will be able to help the client to find that legally acceptable ground for the dissolution of the legal marriage agreement between the two parties. Storobin Law offers the right consultation and services for any kind of divorce within New York. For more information please visit


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